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      Bergan leaned back in his chair, folded his arms, and knitted his brow. He looked like a man assailed by some miserable doubt or suspicion, which yet he is half-inclined to regard, as illegitimate.

      Here the doctor paused, for a moment, in his slow walk. "If!" he muttered, peevishly. "To think that the whole thing turns on a miserable 'if!' I must contrive some way of finding out whether that willor any willwas ever made. There must be no defective nor missing links in this chain, nothing to invite the meddling of the cursed fate which has followed me so long. The Major must not be permitted to die, one of these days,by the interposition of Providence and delirium tremens, or something vastly like it,and leave me with an abortive plan and a portionless fiance. To be sure, I should not be long in getting rid of the latter, but there would be no help for the former."

      How thoughtful of the young wife, who might be forgiven if she had left such a small duty unfulfilled. Yet he would have liked to see her sweet self at the stationonly, as he had argued with himself just now, it would have discounted the home-welcome. It would have been an anti-climax."And is this really Rome?" she murmured softly.

      "I hope you can spare me some waltzes," he said.

      Lostwithiel detained her at the gate."You don't like the elder Miss Crowther?" speculated the colonel.

      "Good is a better word than happiness, in this world. In the world to come, they will be synonyms."


      She went out to walk down her depression before teatime, if possible. She went along a narrow path by the river, then[Pg 4] turned into a road that skirted those green pastures which rose sheer till the ragged edge of the topmost boundary seemed to touch the dim, grey sky. She passed the village inn, deadly quiet at this season and at this hour. She passed the half-dozen decent cottages, and the three or four genteeler houses, each in its neatly kept garden, and she walked with quick, light step along the wet road, her useful tailor-gown well clear of the mud, her stick striking the hedgerow now and then, as she swung it to and fro in dreamy thought.


      "As sure as one can be, in such casesif she is kept quiet."


      "Your room must be lonely," said she, kindly. "Will you sit with us for awhile?"There was a dead silence after the formal voice had ceased.