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      It is the result we must consider. I wish you and Trafford, my dear Selvaine, would consider the matter. Helby (Mr. Helby was the steward) has the plans, and shall go over them with you. If you think the proposition a good one, pray let it be proceeded with at once. I should like to see it done.Thats so, said Simon. If youll wait here, Ill go and fetch my man; well make a kind of litter and carry her to the hutpraps we could fix up something out of the things lying about here, and he looked round.

      At the approach of visitors from the camp, Trafford invariably disappeared; he could not endure to meet any oneleast of all, Varley and Norman. He had a reckoning to make with both, but he postponed it. His anger against Norman had become dwarfed and dulled by the vastness of his anxiety for Esmeralda. There was no room in his heart for rage or jealousy, or any feeling but a consuming love.

      "Home, sweet home! For our ravished one you will, I suppose, permit his beloved country to pay--in its new paper money at 'most any discount--and call it square, eh?" Half the bitterness of her tone was in its sweetness.

      Im awfully glad, old fellow! Tell me all about her. What is she like? Is she young, pretty?


      Yes, sir, said Trafford. And you are quite well, I hope.I dont know anything about it; I dont think so.



      Would you like to drive? he asked, catching a tone of eagerness in her voice.II CARRIAGE COMPANY